In a boardroom, major decisions are taken that impact everyone, from employees of a firm to the shareholders who own the shares. These meetings are held in an adequate size to accommodate all participants, and in a place that is secure. These rooms can be designated as such, or they could be used as basic conference rooms. These rooms need to be soundproofed. This will help ensure that conversations aren’t disrupted by hearing someone else’s voice.

Whether you are currently serving on a board of directors or looking to become a member in the future, there are many things to consider when it comes to getting ready for your first meeting. This includes conducting a skill audit as well as identifying a director doppelganger and understanding the ins-and outs of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Both aspiring directors and current directors must be educated. A board governance program like NACD’s Accelerate could help you improve your governing skills and prepare you for success in the boardroom.

The course covers all important aspects of proactive management including providing direction to strategic directions, risk oversight and compensation. Participants will learn the fundamentals of corporate governance and gain hands-on experience in a simulated boardroom.