The board of directors is a crucial element in the management and performance of a company. Ineffective or unproductive boards can result in stagnation or worse, mismanagement which can result in financial and reputational losses for a business. There are a number methods that can improve the efficiency of board management and the effectiveness of directors.

One of the first areas to concentrate on is making sure that the board of directors understands its responsibilities and role. This starts with an understanding of the board’s responsibilities and making sure that all members are clear on what is expected of them including how they prepare for meetings, their contribution to these meetings, and the actions they will take following the meeting in order to perform the board’s work.

It is essential to encourage members to ask difficult questions and participate in debate. This is crucial to the effectiveness and efficiency of the board. To keep up with these changes, the board needs to be able identify new talent that can support it develop, nurture and incorporate them into the board in a timely and efficient manner.

It is also important to use a board-management software that allows instant note-taking, annotations and sharing. This not only saves time during meetings however, it can also be used by members outside of meetings to help with preparation. The use of this software can help reduce the frequency of meetings because it allows for strategic discussions.