Famous People of the 21st Century Discuss Legal Matters

Kim Kardashian Elon Musk
Hey, Elon! I heard you’re really into space and technology. Have you ever wondered if hacking is legal in India? Hey, Kim! Yes, I have. It’s a fascinating question. But I’m more curious about ink law. I mean, we’ve all got tattoos, right?
True, true. But speaking of laws, do you know Arizona work laws for minors? I’m thinking of getting my kids involved in some business ventures. I haven’t looked into that. I’ve been preoccupied with figuring out jus cogens meaning in law. It’s quite the brain teaser!
Well, while you’re working on that, I’ve been dealing with some second interview law firm questions. I’m expanding my empire, you know. Impressive! I’m actually looking into the legal exotic pets in Ontario. Thinking of adding a few to my collection.
Speaking of collection, have you heard about what sportsbooks are legal in Illinois? I’m considering investing in a few. No, I haven’t. But I’ve been researching legal resident alien details. I’m all about expanding to new frontiers.
Wow, we really do have a lot in common, don’t we? Indeed, Kim. Indeed.