Listen up, folks, it’s time to get legal,

From claim statements to cultivation of cocoa,

We’ve got it all, so don’t miss a beat,

Let’s dive right in and feel the heat.

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Legal Writing Tips, let’s start there,

Writing a solid statement, without a care,

Online poker in the USA, find out what’s true,

Make sure you’re not breaking the law too,

NBA bargaining agreement, what went down?

Get the scoop on how it changed the game in the town,

Legal grows in BC, know the regulations right,

Stay on the right side and avoid a fight,

Draftkings in Utah, is it a go?

Check the laws before you put on a show,

Laws that need to change, it’s time to reform,

Identify key areas and weather the storm,

Legal leave entitlement, what are your rights?

Get the lowdown and avoid any fights,

Wayleave agreements for electricity, what’s that about?

Understand it clearly, leave no room for doubt,

Geographical requirements for cocoa, cultivate it right,

Know the rules and sleep well at night,

Military legal residence, how to determine?

Understand the process and avoid any concern,

So there you have it, a rap on legal stuff,

Get informed, be smart, and that’s enough!