Natural Gas may be a clean, safe and economical gasoline that cooks prefer for that range, drinking water heating unit or clothes dryer. As you upgrade your home with a new equipment that uses gas, the installation procedure usually comprises managing a new gas line from your meter to where the machine is located.

How to Use a Gas Get together for Oven

There are two basic ways to connect a stove into a new gas line. Some may be to use a versatile corrugated connection (sold at home centers and hardware stores).

The other involves threaded black steel pipe which is installed through the attic or wall surfaces. The two methods need special fittings known as anodeless risers that have threaded metallic pipe associations on the top.

How to Put the Posts on a Adaptable Connector

To wrap the threads of your flexible gas connector, remove the end connector fitting and screw a 1/2-in. x 3/4-in. coupling on to the threads in the connector, then simply screw the other end of this coupling to a street elbow. Apply yellow PTFE/Teflon tape 2 times around the threads clockwise.

Ways to Attach a Threaded Water pipe

To attach a threaded dark steel gas pipe on your range or perhaps water heater, first loosen the nuts that hold the tube’s end installing to the connecting. Then screw the tube’s other end into a street elbow and use Teflon tape in the threads. Never kink or perhaps force the tube against the threads since this can consequence within a leak.