Yo, let’s talk about the law with no delay, but first, let’s get the keywords in this rap display.

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Legal Rhymes

Let’s decode that crossword clue, no need to fuss, find the answer, no need to cuss.

When it comes to passport custody, gotta have the docs, notarized and ready, no need for talks.

Looking for cybersecurity companies with government ties? Protecting the nation, no need for cries.

The policy is clear, no need to be in denial, it’s the law, must read it well, no room for trial.

Know the difference between laws, no need to be confused, one for France, the other, you’re used.

For legal services that are prime, know who to call, it’s Empire Legal Manly, they’ll cover it all.

Asurion’s department is top-tier, no need to fret, they’ll bring you cheer.

When it comes to nursing docs, gotta know the drill, no room for errors, no time to chill.

Know the rules at home, for cameras to mount, keep it legal, no need to count.

Top firms in Indonesia know how to fight, need legal aid, they’ll shed some light.